Scaffolding Services

MAS Group Australia, KAEFER Integrated Services

Scope of Work:

The Scope of Work for this package is for the supply, erection, modification, dismantling and storage of approximately 100,000 m3 “common user” scaffolding (for various Subcontractors). The package has been split and awarded to two separate sub-contractors. MAS Group Australia for the process areas and KAEFER for Utilitiy/offsites areas. The scaffolding will be constructed / used on the Ichthys Project, Blaydin Point ,Darwin and in particular the following work processes but not limited to:-

•Mechanical equipment, multiple elevations;

•Dress out of large vessels in horizontal position;

•High elevation vessels/columns such as Flares;

•Process/Utility piping;

•Low & High elevation pipe racks;



•Electrical rooms;

•Final Hook Up works on Modules including testing and NDE;

•Support Pre-Commissioning works.

All scaffolds and patented access shall be:

•designed to the applicable Australian / New Zealand standards, AS/NZS 4576 and AS/NZS 1576, parts 1, 2 & 3 and NT Regulations; and applicable NT Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

•constructed, modified, maintained and dismantled by persons that are holders of a National or NT certificate of competency to carry out scaffolding work;

•inspected and “Scaff-tagged” by a certified scaffolder and verified by a scaffolding supervisors before being put in to service.

Types of scaffolding to supply and to install include:

•Tube & Coupler;

•System scaffolding for Independent Run;



•Kwickstage scaffold systems.

The Scope of Work for this package comprises the supply of supervision, manpower, equipment, tools, consumables, etc, for the electrical and instrument installation work, and includes the following:

Some quantities:

The estimated volumes of scaffolding to supply:                The estimated manpower requirements:

Process areas

65,000 m3                                                                            200 people

Utility/Offsites areas

35,000 m3                                                                            100 people

MAS Group Australia  KAEFER Integrated Services