Scope of Work:

The Scope of Work for this package comprises the supply of supervision, manpower, equipment, tools, consumables, etc, for the electrical and instrument installation work, and generally includes the following:

Electrical Works

Electrical Works;

•Cabling and wiring between the users (motors and electrical junction boxes) in the prefabricated process modules and the prefabricated modularised local equipment rooms (LERs)

•Cabling and wiring between the modularised local instrument rooms (LIRs) and the main substation

•Cabling and wiring within and to plant site buildings

•Installation of power generation and substation equipment (transformers, etc) that are not included in the modules

•Installation work for the plant’s power supply system, lighting system, grounding system, fire alarm system, telecommunication system, cathodic protection installation, etc. including all related cabling and wiring

•The Scope of Work includes cabling and wiring installation, terminations, fibre-optic cabling and splicing, heat tracing, installation of cable trays, ladders and conduit and all required field tests and inspections

Instrumentation Works;

•Installation of local instruments delivered loose on modules, preassembled units, preassembled racks and vendor supplied skids

•Module fabrication hook up and carry over works

•Installation of local instruments on field-installed piping and equipment, including their junction box, steel supports, etc.

•Installation of control board (Distributed Control System, panel, etc.) and computer system inside the main control building, including all internal cabling/wiring

•Installation of analysers and analyser houses

•All required field calibrations, tests and inspections for the instrument installation including SAT of LIR and ICSS

•Supervision of AC vendor specialist for LIR AC commissioning and testing

The Scope of Work includes the supply of materials such as earthing wire & bars, heat trace cables, steel channel, cable & equipment tags, cable connectors and test equipment.