Falck Australia

Scope of Work:

The Scope of Work for this package covers the provision of temporary medical services at both the construction site and the accommodation village during the construction of the plant and operation of the accommodation village (housing up to 3,500 residents).

The medical services shall be capable of providing first-aid, treating minor injuries and stabilizing serious injuries sufficiently to allow their transfer to the Royal Darwin Hospital or, if necessary, transfer by medivac to hospital elsewhere.

The Scope of Work shall include:

  • Provision of all labor, plant, equipment, furniture, tools and consumables required for the performance of the services
  • Provision of emergency rescue over water during jetty construction
  • Drug / alcohol testing
  • Performing medical training
  • Occupational health monitoring / testing
  • Counselling (return to work, social, psychological, etc.)
  • Performing medical checks