Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Updated 14/05/16

Q  Who do you class as local?

A local is someone who has an address within 80 km of the Bladin Point project site and has a genuine history of living and working in Darwin for at least the last six months.

Q Are Locals being hired on the Project?

Yes JKC encourages all subcontractors to employ local people wherever possible. Local people are by far the majority of people on our project.

Q) I have applied for a role with INPEX or one of the subcontractors directly. Do I also need to apply at

A) Yes. If you have applied directly to INPEX or one of the Subcontractors they are unable to pass your information on to anyone else. By registering at your information is made available to all major subcontractors on the Project.

Q) What if I don't have access to, or have trouble using a computer or the Internet?

A) Come in to the Construction Employment and Mobilisation Centre (CEMC) where computers are available for you to register your interest online, and our team will be able to assist you with your registration. We are located at : Level 6, 66 Smith Street, Darwin

Q) I have created an account and submitted my details, following all guidelines. When will I receive a reply?

A) Your details and qualifications/experience will be held on a database which can be accessed by subcontractors.  You will be contacted by these subcontractors should your skills, qualifications and experience meet their requirements, in accordance with project needs and timelines.Different trades, roles and skill sets will be required for specific packages of work at different times by subcontractors and lower tier contractors. The timing of these works will largely dictate recruitment timelines. Further information on recruiting timelines and requirements for subcontractors can be obtained by contacting subcontractors and lower tier contractors directly.

Q) How can I enhance my employment prospects on the project?

A) Identify which businesses have been successfully awarded contracts and approach these businesses directly, through appropriate recruitment avenues.

A list of successful subcontractors and lower tier contractors and links to their websites are displayed on the Subcontractors page.

This list is updated as soon as practicable after contracts are awarded, so please check back regularly.

Regularly check the NT News, other publications and online sites and job boards for advertisements.

Q) How do I find out which companies have won specific packages of work?

A) This information is displayed on the Ichthys Jobs website under the Subcontractors page.

Q) I want to update my details now and at any point in the future, should my contact details change or I add to my qualifications. How can I do this?

A) You will need to create and account within the system and retain your username and password.

To create an account, click on create an account and follow the steps.  You will need to enter your details for the first time, and after that your information is saved and will pre populate, if you wish to submit further general registrations.

Q) How can I check on the status of my application?

A) Subcontractors will contact applicants whose skills, experience and qualifications match their needs in alignment with timelines for their subcontracted works.

Applicants can gain further information on the timing of works by accessing the Subcontractors page. Applicants can source additional information by contacting Subcontractors through appropriate channels.