OzHelp Promoting Health & Wellness to our Workforce

The not-for-profit organisation, OzHelp, will continue to provide support to Project employees by promoting health and wellness in trade-based environments.

JKC awarded a contract to OzHelp in 2014, as part of an ongoing approach to supporting the health of our workforce.

OzHelp will provide programs, including the ‘Tradie’s Tune Up’, a free physical and mental health check on workers, and ‘Hard Hat Chats’ health promotion sessions.

There will also be regular opportunities that enable workers and OzHelp field officers to connect during informal workplace visits.

OzHelp’s services are not limited to the construction site as they will also regularly visit Manigurr-ma Village and Bladin Village which, during 2016, will house up to 4,000 fly in fly out workers.

Need help for you or a mate? OzHelp: 1300 694 357 or Lifeline: 13 11 14 (24/7).

OzHelp Project Officer Anthony Smith